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It is possible that this summer, I am leaving Boston. As of right now, I have no idea. Even if I stay, I will likely not live in the same apartment, same neighborhood, the same job…

this has two food-related implications.

A) I have started a mental Eat This Before You Leave List. All the places in Boston I’ve been meaning to try out…


B) I am already getting nostalgic for my favorites and wanting to eat them all the time, knowing that my time might be running short.

Add those two together, and it is clear that I will be leaving Boston quite plump and quite broke.

Today, an ode to the Clover Foodtruck that parks outside of my school.

Chickpea fritter sandwich, I love you.

Hummus, warm falafel, carrots, cabbage, pickle, tahini sauce, whatever else is in there…

you’re the best.

I will miss you.




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When I was in Cleveland Park this weekend, seeing The Hunger Games (I could wax poetic about it FOREVER but I’ll let Jessica do that; it’s more in her wheelhouse), my moviegoing buddies brought me to a shop I’ve never been to before. Vace is an Italian deli, meaning: Homemade pasta, pizzas and meats.

Photo from DCist. Thanks guys!

I don’t have to tell you about how tasty homemade pasta is (the nice folks at Urban Spoon can do that for me), but I did pick up some pistachios and a bake-at-home spinach lasagna. Hoooo-leeeey poop. This lasagna has lasted for days, and the noodles were so fresh, even though the thing was near-frozen. They didn’t go overboard on the ricotta or sauce, and everything stays together and doesn’t slop around when you cut it. It has been delish. Three pounds anything is probably too much for a lone wolf like myself, but it has been more than worth the money. Will definitely be stopping by to try the pizzas, bags of noodles and homemade pesto in the future.

Any neighborhood joints calling your name?


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When last we checked in, dear food blog, it was the beginning of Lent and I was all aglow in paczki memories. I must admit to you, however, that last Friday, I knowing committed the Catholic faux pas of eating meat. (NOTE: Mom thinks this is a bullshit rule, and so do I. Mama Woho’s take: “God doesn’t judge us for eating meat.  That is a man-made rule….it is not a commandment or beatitude….and come to think of it, they may be man-made too.” She is so wise!)

I figured God wouldn’t mind, regardless, because I was going to be having real Texas barbecue.

A few months ago, my dear friend Alesa and I were talking about places we had never been. We both mentioned Austin, and she said, “But what if we just went? NO SERIOUSLY. What if we went?” And that’s how our trip to SXSW happened. Couple this with an interview I did with a really cool guy named Boyd Bush, who mentioned at the end of our conversation, “If you’re ever near Austin, my family and I will take you for a great barbecue.” Do not idly offer me food, sources! I will take you up on it, every time!

So on Thursday, Alesa and I scooted on down to San Antonio, stopping at the Alamo and Riverwalk for the afternoon. Then we drove on up to Austin, where her friend graciously put us up. We went downtown for all the hot sxsw action. I was food-truck focused: I wanted to find the truck Paul from Top Chef owns. Alas, it was not meant to be, but I did enjoy fried chicken, wrapped in a waffle, taco-style, from a Lucky J’s trailer. The chicken had a kick and the waffle was just the right amount of malty. Plus, the girl working the window had an amazing skull-and-crossbones tattoo on her leg. The crossbones were bacon. Bless.

Friday morning, I met with Boyd and his family at the Salt Lick in Round Rock. If you didn’t watch this season of Top Chef, a) I don’t know what’s wrong with you, and b) you missed out on the Salt Lick episode, where the contestants cooked on the restaurant’s all-night outdoor barbecue pit. I was super-stoked for the MEATS, of course, but the real reason for the trip out to Round Rock was to give Boyd his copy of the magazine: He’s on the cover in April! And he’s my first cover story! (I’ll link to the story when it’s published online in a few weeks.) I don’t post too much about my work, but this was an exceptional occasion, and Boyd and his family were just so warm and genuine. He seemed pretty tickled with the story and photos, too.

Boyd and me, with our cover story. His lovely wife took this photo! Please excuse my rumpled appearance; I was about to rock out later that day.

The Bush family advised me on ordering, and let me tell you, they did not lead me astray. I had brisket so tender you could weep, pulled pork that could never be created in a crock pot, and a rib that made me want to gnaw on the bone for days. DAYS, I tell you! Plus, the sides were pretty good, too (coleslaw had no mayo; potato salad was almost cold mashed potatoes). But nothing beats eating food outside in great company, so that may have clouded my judgement somewhat. Bush family, thank you for taking the time to introduce me to Texas BBQ!

Other big food hits for the weekend:

  • The pad thai taco from The Peached Tortilla. Delightful!
  • Butter pecan pancakes from The Old Pecan Street Cafe. The maple syrup was so real it hurt Log Cabin’s feelings.
  • Homemade warm chocolate-cinnamon-ginger cookies with ice cream at The Snack Bar, which is just too cute. South Austin, I could move to you.

Sorry I didn’t take pictures of, you know, FOOD. But I was really in Austin to meet good people, and rock the hell out. And to that, I’d say: Mission accomplished.

Bonus Ben Kweller picture. He is wasted and ready.


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Last month, Mama Woho came to town:

That’s her, eating a sandwich. Isn’t she the cutest?

Mom is my favorite food guest, because my sister eats vegan exclusively, and my dad has trouble with spicy, but also tries to eat healthy because he trains for century rides on his bike. Mom and I have what I like to call “the most normal” eating habits, so when she visits alone, I miss the other two, but we have a lot of food freedom. Here’s what we ate when she was here:

Friday: Tacos at Taqueria Distrito Federal

Mom had one each of chicken, pork and steak. I had two lengua (tongue) and one al pastor and got mad at myself for not getting two lengua. It’s the best! But I couldn’t convince Mom to have a bite.

Saturday: Sandwich and sides at the Smithsonian Museum of American History

This was surprisingly good. We split a roast turkey sandwich on cranberry-pecan bread, then got a side of mac and cheese and steamed veggies. The mac was really good, with the baked stuff on top, you know what I mean? The veggies were still crisp and flavorful. The sandwich was totally filling and delish. The Museum of the American Indian has a really good food court too, but this one was surprising in the best ways.

Also Saturday: Hotdogs and beer at the Washington Capitals-Detroit Red Wings game

If you don’t like hotdogs at sporting events, you can just FADE. Also, if you don’t like hockey, we probably can’t vibe. Here’s a sampling of the pregame skate (mom’s favorite part. Mine too).

Jimmy Howard, I like you.

 Sunday: Sandwich and fancy chips at Dean and Deluca

Where I come from, we don’t have D&D. When my old friend moved out to “the city” and I was still living Up North, she sent me a gift package from Dean and Deluca and I imagined the fanciest food store ever. And as far as grocery stores go, D&D is pretty fancy. I like to call it “rich people groceries,” and don’t usually visit much since there’s a Trader Joe’s a few blocks away. However, when it’s time for lunch in Georgetown, D&D’s sandwiches are all I want to eat. Mom and I split the turkey sandwich with basil mayo and avocado, and each got our own bag of Route 11 chips, which are a local delicacy that I would dare say are better than Better Made, but just barely.

Also Sunday: Delivery from Thaitanic

When the whole family is in DC, the one restaurant we can agree on is Thaitanic, the Thai place up the street from my house. Vegan stuff for my sister, seafood for Dad, all kinds of stuff for me and Mom. By the end of our whirlwind weekend, Mom and I just wanted to loaf and watch Food Network in our sweatpants. So we did, with the cashew chicken and veggies and spring rolls (top five favorite foods!) from Thaitanic.

Now it’s a countdown to Christmas. Until then, I’ll be dreaming sweet tasty dreams of family dinners.


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About a year before my boyfriend and I moved to Boston, we got hit by a bug called ican’teatenoughindianfooditis.

You see, there’s this little place in Flint called Grill of India. It’s a bit of a hole-in-the-wall hole-in-a-strip-mall on Linden Road, but a weekly favorite of the Vegan Musicians who were my boyfriend’s classmates at U of M Flint. Neither of us had tried Indian before, but we spent many weekends during 2009 doing our part to keep this little treasure in business.

That is a classy way of saying “gorging ourselves on the weekend lunch buffet.”

But then we moved. Sad story. But there’s a twist! Our new ‘hood came equipped with not one, but TWO rival Indian restaurants with buffets! That are, inexplicably, two storefronts away from one another.

When we arrived, we favored Ghazal for its lower buffet prices and roomier digs.

However, Bukhara has been making a play for our affections lately….



As I mentioned, Ghazal’s buffet price is a WHOLE DOLLAR cheaper than its rivals. Ooooooooh….

– Slightly superior naan.

– A bigger variety of both vegetarian and meat entrees.

– Less crowded.

– Tastier gulab jamun & kheer (aka DESSERTS)

– You can snag coupons on Restaurants.com


Naan is not included in the price of your meal. Sad face.

– No samosas during the week.

– Obvious usage of those bags of frozen mixed veggies.

A typical plate. Looks like Channa Masala, Vegetable Pakora, Saag Paneer, and something with chicken.



– They have a email list that occasionally inundates me with coupons.

– GIANT pieces of FRESH veggies in the vegetable korma. Mmmm….

– You can get this riDICulous amount of dinner delivered for 20 bucks. Two “mini” entrees, rice, naan, soup, a cup of coffee (?), a samosa, a salad, and a scoop of homemade coconut ice cream. Mmmmm….


They are part of a little Indian-dining Conglomerate in the Boston area that has been reported for refusing to pay its workers or something. Fishy.

– Creamy dishes are MUCH too rich for more than a few bites.

– Weekend buffet can get a little crazy-packed.

This wasn’t the buffet, but we had to use up those coupons! I had vegetable korma and Lance had something green, I can’t remember what.

So, Who has the best Indian food in JP?

I don’t know. Everyone I talk to has a very legit reason for preferring their preference, or some just only bother to go to one because it’s so good you don’t bother shopping around.

I suspect we will flip our alliance back and forth until we move away.

Maybe we’ll move somewhere with THREE Indian joints!!

Wouldn’t that be something!

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Friends, I have lived in Boston for 18 months and I am still finding new amazing places to eat.

This is normal, I suppose, being that there are 7,000 restaurants in this city and I have about -70,000 dollars to my name.

But I really feel quite shameful for not trying out the restaurants in my own neck of the woods for 18 months, especially when THEY ARE FREAKING AMAZING.

Exhibit A: Wonder Spice Cafe

We have walked past this restaurant dozens of times and never thought to try it out. Usually, we are on a beeline to the twin Indian buffets next door – Bukhara and Ghazal – or to pick up a cup of ice cream or a sandwich or something light.

However, last Thursday, my boyfriend picked me up from work at 9 p.m., and asked if I wanted to go into JP and get something to eat. Our friend was finishing up an evening of social board games at our local comic and game shop and was hungry and looking for dinner company. I was starving and it was the start of my spring break, so I said, yes, yes, yes, and a half hour later, I was staring down a mountainous pile of rice, fresh veggies and basil, and tofu so well-prepared that I really thought I was eating meat.

I have been dreaming about that pile of deliciousness ever since.

I now walk by this restaurant and point and drool and say “waaaaaaaant.”

Exhibit B: Sorella’s

In the past week, I found myself chatting with friends who used to live in Jamaica Plain. When I told them where exactly in JP I currently, live they both responded with:

“Oh, you go to Sorella’s, don’t you! It’s right around the corner! I miss Sorella’s so much!”

A little back story: my boyfriend doesn’t do breakfast. He’ll go to brunch with me and be a good sport, but he never wants to go and would rather spend restaurant money on lunch or dinner. He has been known to eat, on the average Monday morning before work, a bowl of tomato soup and some crackers.

Sooooo when said boyfriend was drunk last night and told me he would buy me brunch this morning, I was sure to remind him of his promise this morning, and my mind was on Sorella’s.

And Ho-ley Mol-ey.

The menu was huge – think, 20 different kinds of pancakes, 20 omelet permutations, crepes, french toast, other diner-type breakfast specials, etc. It was overwhelming in the exact best way to be overwhelmed.

Boyfriend and I divided and conquered – he was in charge of selecting an omelet, I was on pancake duty. We ended up with Ginger Blueberry Hazelnut Pancakes and an Omelet with goat cheese, tomato, black beans, pesto, and like half an avocado.

Our bill was under 20 bucks.

It is really .3 miles from my apartment.



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Hello, food friends!

I have returned from my East Coast Adventure:

DC (conference center food & flatbread pizza), Calabash, NC (peaches, Rockstars on the beach, and an expensive plate of crab legs), and back to Boston with friends (pizza on the Esplanade, vegetable korma, and The Sandwich)

But now we are back to reality, and tomorrow

back to The Farmshare.

We had two weeks of fresh veggies before leaving. Some of my favorite Boston friends took over my little box of food for me, kindly, but now it’s my responsibility to figure out what to do with radishes and beets.

Or maybe

this week, there will be blueberries and raspberries in their place!

This, my friends, is the wonder of The Farmshare:

weekly food roulette.

A little spice in my eating life when I can’t eat at restaurants every night anymore.

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