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It is possible that this summer, I am leaving Boston. As of right now, I have no idea. Even if I stay, I will likely not live in the same apartment, same neighborhood, the same job…

this has two food-related implications.

A) I have started a mental Eat This Before You Leave List. All the places in Boston I’ve been meaning to try out…


B) I am already getting nostalgic for my favorites and wanting to eat them all the time, knowing that my time might be running short.

Add those two together, and it is clear that I will be leaving Boston quite plump and quite broke.

Today, an ode to the Clover Foodtruck that parks outside of my school.

Chickpea fritter sandwich, I love you.

Hummus, warm falafel, carrots, cabbage, pickle, tahini sauce, whatever else is in there…

you’re the best.

I will miss you.




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When I was in Cleveland Park this weekend, seeing The Hunger Games (I could wax poetic about it FOREVER but I’ll let Jessica do that; it’s more in her wheelhouse), my moviegoing buddies brought me to a shop I’ve never been to before. Vace is an Italian deli, meaning: Homemade pasta, pizzas and meats.

Photo from DCist. Thanks guys!

I don’t have to tell you about how tasty homemade pasta is (the nice folks at Urban Spoon can do that for me), but I did pick up some pistachios and a bake-at-home spinach lasagna. Hoooo-leeeey poop. This lasagna has lasted for days, and the noodles were so fresh, even though the thing was near-frozen. They didn’t go overboard on the ricotta or sauce, and everything stays together and doesn’t slop around when you cut it. It has been delish. Three pounds anything is probably too much for a lone wolf like myself, but it has been more than worth the money. Will definitely be stopping by to try the pizzas, bags of noodles and homemade pesto in the future.

Any neighborhood joints calling your name?


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Saturday marked the first day in my summer farmshare! This is my second year of veggies from Stillman’s Farm CSA program. I paid in February (with my student loan $$$, natch) for a weekly half-share of fresh fruits and veggies that I pick up each week from the end of June to the middle of October.


I was a newbie last year, which meant quite a bit of tossed food. Tragic, I know. This year, though, I am putting a priority on Eating Everything In That GD Box.

Even the beets.

I thought it might be fun to use this space to share what I got in my magic box and what I plan to do with each tasty veggie. Fun for you because who doesn’t love 700 Way to Make Kale Your Bitch, fun for me because I’ll forget what’s in my fridge otherwise.

Week One: June 18 – June 24

Saturday – Wilted some spinach into my Green Goddess Pasta, shredded a little lettuce for a side salad.

Sunday – Trying out some peasant beets alongside some of Jamie Oliver’s cauliflower mac & cheese. Recipe calls for chard as well. (And fancy cheese… and 3 tbspns of butter… to make the whole experience more palatable)

Monday – I work late, so I will probably just eat some lettuce with my lunch, or leftovers of beets if they don’t make me gag. Also, I’m thinking about doing this thing where I eat kale for breakfast. We’ll see if I get up the gumption.

Tuesday – Baked ziti with spinach. No recipe – just throw cooked pasta, marinara, ricotta, and spinach in a casserole dish, top with mozz and bake!

Wednesday – See Monday.

Thursday – Eggs in a nest, a la Barbara Kingsolver. More chard! A quick meal before heading out to some free happy hour thing The Boy won, which coincides with his last day of school for the year.

Friday – Homemade pizza with mozz, parm,  goat cheese, and the rest of the spinach. Also a good day to heat up that kale that I will supposedly be eating for breakfast (but maybe won’t want to eat so early in the a.m.)

All Week – A little half pint of fresh, local strawberries for munching. Maybe I’ll throw next week’s in a salad or a dessert, but I really can’t resist fresh berries all by themselves. Best part of the summer! I’m already dreaming about the blueberries….

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Food blog, I’m sorry. I haven’t forgotten you. I’ve just been eating alternately like a pauper and a queen, and it’s been a busy time.

Let’s talk about vegans, shall we?

Since moving to our nation’s fair and great capital, I’ve had the pleasure to come into the company of a lovely group of vegans, vegetarians and veg-sympathizers. Team, we all know I am as meat-loving as the Motor City Madman himself, Ted Nugent. But I understand the deliciousness of fruits, veggies, etc.

I’m still learning. The proud vegans were not so pleased with my jalepeno cornbread (they liked the taste but weren’t thrilled that I veganized a Paula Deen recipe). They did not say anything to me, but were not so sympathetic when I asked if they ate honey (most did not).

This time, I figured I would be OK, because I even got vegan wine to make this month’s recipe: Wine-poached pears.

You’ll need:

-A pile of pears (I used Asian pears and while they are adorable, they are not as permeable as I wanted them to be. A softer pear (anju maybe?) would be better), peeled.
-One bottle of red wine (I used Our Daily Red because it is vegan, and its label is hilarious)
-1 1/2 C sugar
-3 TBSP lemon juice (you could throw a little zest in too if you’re feeling zesty)
-4 tsp cinnamon
-4 tsp vanilla

Put everything except the pears into a pot on the stove. Stir for a bit to start dissolving the sugar, and bring everything up to a boil. Once it’s boiling, bring back down to a simmer, and plop the pears into the mix. Let ’em cook for about 10-12 minutes, then rotate them so they get nice and reddish-purple all over (about another 10 minutes). Remove and let cool on a plate (you could keep ’em warm in the oven, too; that would be yummy). Once all the pears are cooked, bring the mixture back up to a boil until it’s reduced by half or more. It’s going to bubble like crazy, so you can bring the temp down to check. Drizzle the glaze over your pears and enjoy!

Vegans, I love you and your tasty dinner parties. I’m going to go eat a burger now, but I’ll be back next month for more.



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It’s neither winter nor summer right now, but the shift has occurred.

For all of August and September, we ate succulent sandwiches.

Iggy’s baguettes, farmer’s market tomatoes – heirloom or juicy&red – lettuce, goat cheese, mayo.


But the tomatoes are gone now, it’s getting just cold enough to break out the hoodies and put away the flip-flops, and it’s time for warm foods.

This taco soup is good. I omit the ground beef (go figure, right?), and add a can of black beans instead. And if you think I am going to buy 7 kinds of spices and mix them all together in various proportions, you are very wrong. I just buy the taco seasoning.  And I’m also kind of opposed to using half-packets of spices, (although I might reconsider that now that I have ziploc bags in my kitchen) so I typically over-season my poor soup. We all survive. It tastes fine. It also makes a TON of soup, and is sure to last all week.

It soothes the aching in my heart, somewhat.



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moving in miracle

Picture this:

You woke up at 5 a.m. Sat in a moving van with your anxiety-ridden cat until noon. Public transportation made you late for work, and on the way home, kicked you out over a mile from home. One sweaty, 95 degree walk later, you made it home only to spend the afternoon unpacking your moving van.

In the evening, everything (EVERYTHING) is inside, everything is still in a box, and everyone has left you.

So you unpack through the sore muscles and the fatigue and the stressful stomachache and the dread of knowing that you have to be up and at work at 9 the next morning.

And then it’s 8 p.m and you realize you haven’t eaten since that half of a sandwich you unwrapped at the bus stop like some kind of homeless vagrant.

There’s nothing in your fridge, because you had to throw it all out. There’s nothing in the cupboards because everything’s still in boxes. There are boxes stacked high on the kitchen floor.

There’s a boy who said he would come home and we’d all go out to eat, but it’s late, there’s traffic, and they found a Taco Bell.

But somehow.


You made dinner.

Tasty Oven Fries

* farm share potatoes

still in the farm share box, that sat in the back of the moving van all day

* olive oil

* kosher salt

unearthed from the cupboard boxes, miraculously

* ketchup

along with capers and mustard, the only items that made the trip from fridge to fridge

You will go to bed cursing your life for being so miserable and painful and complicated,

but at least

you are fed.

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Last pie update for a while! Yesterday, I took a Fruits of the forest pie to the DC State Fair for judging. I was concerned, because all of the competition looked, really, really good. Like, pastry cutter (looks like pinking shears) crimp-tops good. And crumble-crust good.

But to my surprise, li’l pie No. 15 won third place, the best of the  berries! Amazing in general, and pretty much unbelievable for my first cooking competition!

Thanks, DC State Fair! It was an honor to be part of the crowd, and I’ll bring my A game again next year.

❤ Lindsey

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