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Saturday marked the first day in my summer farmshare! This is my second year of veggies from Stillman’s Farm CSA program. I paid in February (with my student loan $$$, natch) for a weekly half-share of fresh fruits and veggies that I pick up each week from the end of June to the middle of October.


I was a newbie last year, which meant quite a bit of tossed food. Tragic, I know. This year, though, I am putting a priority on Eating Everything In That GD Box.

Even the beets.

I thought it might be fun to use this space to share what I got in my magic box and what I plan to do with each tasty veggie. Fun for you because who doesn’t love 700 Way to Make Kale Your Bitch, fun for me because I’ll forget what’s in my fridge otherwise.

Week One: June 18 – June 24

Saturday – Wilted some spinach into my Green Goddess Pasta, shredded a little lettuce for a side salad.

Sunday – Trying out some peasant beets alongside some of Jamie Oliver’s cauliflower mac & cheese. Recipe calls for chard as well. (And fancy cheese… and 3 tbspns of butter… to make the whole experience more palatable)

Monday – I work late, so I will probably just eat some lettuce with my lunch, or leftovers of beets if they don’t make me gag. Also, I’m thinking about doing this thing where I eat kale for breakfast. We’ll see if I get up the gumption.

Tuesday – Baked ziti with spinach. No recipe – just throw cooked pasta, marinara, ricotta, and spinach in a casserole dish, top with mozz and bake!

Wednesday – See Monday.

Thursday – Eggs in a nest, a la Barbara Kingsolver. More chard! A quick meal before heading out to some free happy hour thing The Boy won, which coincides with his last day of school for the year.

Friday – Homemade pizza with mozz, parm,  goat cheese, and the rest of the spinach. Also a good day to heat up that kale that I will supposedly be eating for breakfast (but maybe won’t want to eat so early in the a.m.)

All Week – A little half pint of fresh, local strawberries for munching. Maybe I’ll throw next week’s in a salad or a dessert, but I really can’t resist fresh berries all by themselves. Best part of the summer! I’m already dreaming about the blueberries….


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