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sick snacks

Friends, I have been sick for most of 2011.

This is a sad state.

Many meals have been skipped, dinners gone uncooked, junk food replaced real food, and restaurants, oh the restaurants. My pocketbook weeps.

But when you have a fever of 102, Indian delivery is just too, too easy.

Especially when they bring you a little dish of coconut ice cream.

Today, I woke up sick – again – and spent most of the day trying to figure out if I am starving or nauseous.

So I needed a good sick snack.

Essential #1: A Cold, Tasty Drink

When I was a child, the drink was Snapple Iced Tea in giant glass bottles.

For Michiganders, the drink was, resoundingly, Vernors.

Most people I met in Michigan REQUIRED this sweet, golden-y ginger-ale when sick –

I have a Boston friend who keeps a reserve of Vernors in her apartment, ferried from her hometown of Grosse Pointe –

but cannot stomach it when they are well.

I wasn’t so picky.

Today, I was happy to see that I had a grapefruit Izze in the work fridge.

Essential #2: A Tasteless Cracker

I don’t know what brand of cracker I picked up from Whole Foods,

but it looks and tastes pretty much like drywall.


I’m sick.

Essential #3: Seriously Sharp Cheddar Cheese

Okay, this is more of an everyday essential.

Delicious cheese heals the soul.

I don’t even want to think about dinner.

Last Monday, I made my boyfriend microwave himself a veggie burger and I ate a bowl of pesto and noodles at 9:30.

Feeding myself fail.

Here’s to hoping that Spring brings me better health!



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Friends, I have lived in Boston for 18 months and I am still finding new amazing places to eat.

This is normal, I suppose, being that there are 7,000 restaurants in this city and I have about -70,000 dollars to my name.

But I really feel quite shameful for not trying out the restaurants in my own neck of the woods for 18 months, especially when THEY ARE FREAKING AMAZING.

Exhibit A: Wonder Spice Cafe

We have walked past this restaurant dozens of times and never thought to try it out. Usually, we are on a beeline to the twin Indian buffets next door – Bukhara and Ghazal – or to pick up a cup of ice cream or a sandwich or something light.

However, last Thursday, my boyfriend picked me up from work at 9 p.m., and asked if I wanted to go into JP and get something to eat. Our friend was finishing up an evening of social board games at our local comic and game shop and was hungry and looking for dinner company. I was starving and it was the start of my spring break, so I said, yes, yes, yes, and a half hour later, I was staring down a mountainous pile of rice, fresh veggies and basil, and tofu so well-prepared that I really thought I was eating meat.

I have been dreaming about that pile of deliciousness ever since.

I now walk by this restaurant and point and drool and say “waaaaaaaant.”

Exhibit B: Sorella’s

In the past week, I found myself chatting with friends who used to live in Jamaica Plain. When I told them where exactly in JP I currently, live they both responded with:

“Oh, you go to Sorella’s, don’t you! It’s right around the corner! I miss Sorella’s so much!”

A little back story: my boyfriend doesn’t do breakfast. He’ll go to brunch with me and be a good sport, but he never wants to go and would rather spend restaurant money on lunch or dinner. He has been known to eat, on the average Monday morning before work, a bowl of tomato soup and some crackers.

Sooooo when said boyfriend was drunk last night and told me he would buy me brunch this morning, I was sure to remind him of his promise this morning, and my mind was on Sorella’s.

And Ho-ley Mol-ey.

The menu was huge – think, 20 different kinds of pancakes, 20 omelet permutations, crepes, french toast, other diner-type breakfast specials, etc. It was overwhelming in the exact best way to be overwhelmed.

Boyfriend and I divided and conquered – he was in charge of selecting an omelet, I was on pancake duty. We ended up with Ginger Blueberry Hazelnut Pancakes and an Omelet with goat cheese, tomato, black beans, pesto, and like half an avocado.

Our bill was under 20 bucks.

It is really .3 miles from my apartment.



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