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anyone can cook.

This weekend, I was puttering around my kitchen, avoiding the 115 DEGREE HEAT INDEX outside. The only time I ventured out was to hit the farmers market at the corner – I got some peaches, some collard greens (I love greens) and a bunch of basil.

I was making some sort of simple pasta thingie, no big deal, and I confess that I did not clean up after myself right away. After my lunch, I cut up a peach on the same cutting board I used for the basil. Lo and behold! Basil-peach is a glorious flavor combination! Greatest joy of my afternoon.

When I recounted my little discovery to my mom, she told me, “You sound like Remy!” As in the adorable rat from Ratatouille.

She was right!

The point of Ratatouille, or at least one of them, is the idea that “Anyone can cook.” I’ve got friends who think that’s baloney (bologna?), but I’m 100 percent behind it. If being lazy on my clean-up led to a tasty dessert discovery, who’s to say we can’t all discover something new in our meals every day?

Of course, being adorable and ready to try anything doesn’t hurt, either.

Little dude, big flavors. Art from Pixar.



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welcome home.

Faithful readers:

I have been away for far too long. Miss Jessica seems to have done a fine job regaling you with tasty foods – in fact, in my absence, we actually got to have a meal together! So nice.

To give you the short version of what’s been happening in my life: Got a new job, moved across the country for said job. Slept on friend’s couches for a month and a half, then got my own place, but with nothing other than an air mattress and some paper plates. Learned a whole new job, navigated a new city, got three parking tickets before sending my car home to the Mitten state and finally got all my stuff HERE.

I’ll share apartment pics later, as a big selling point on this place was its ENORMOUS counter space. If it wasn’t for all the boxes of my stuff still up on the counter, I could probably lay down on the thing. It’s that glorious. I moved in, thinking, “oh, the things I can make with this much space! I can use a hundred cutting boards! I can finally get an upright mixer!”

But sometimes, the best part about finally settling in, is realizing you don’t have to go out for takeout anymore. You can just come home, putting on some TV (for me, Friday Night Lights), and eat some nachos.

It’s good to be home.

❤ Lindsey

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one part Blue Moon

one part Orangina


one part Two Buck Chuck Sauvignon Blanc

one part Orangina


Because, sometimes, you feel super classy. And you bought an impulse Orangina that afternoon.”

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Hello, food friends!

I have returned from my East Coast Adventure:

DC (conference center food & flatbread pizza), Calabash, NC (peaches, Rockstars on the beach, and an expensive plate of crab legs), and back to Boston with friends (pizza on the Esplanade, vegetable korma, and The Sandwich)

But now we are back to reality, and tomorrow

back to The Farmshare.

We had two weeks of fresh veggies before leaving. Some of my favorite Boston friends took over my little box of food for me, kindly, but now it’s my responsibility to figure out what to do with radishes and beets.

Or maybe

this week, there will be blueberries and raspberries in their place!

This, my friends, is the wonder of The Farmshare:

weekly food roulette.

A little spice in my eating life when I can’t eat at restaurants every night anymore.

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