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Two Saturdays ago, I found myself in an all-too-familiar scenario:

1) It was morning

2) I was hungry

3) No breakfast foods in my cupboards

4) Boyfriend was sleeping

So what’s a girl to do?

The fact that I had to think about this question is really a testament to how weird this past Year in Boston has been for me.

The answer is obviously…


I made plain pancakes that morning, but the next Saturday I had plenty of breakfast food. But I also had a half pint of wrinkly blueberries. I remembered this recipe from Bakerella, with the pictures that made those pancakes look like the best pancakes to have ever caked a pan. I was a woman on a mission (I told you I did a lot of cooking last weekend), and I made Blueberry Cornmeal Pancakes before 10 a.m.

They were delicious!

I made buttermilk with lemon juice and regular milk!

They were also far too many for two stomachs, however hungry. We munched on them all day.

So when we were done eating, it was afternoon. My stomach was full. I had a stack of breakfast sitting in a plate on top of my fridge.

And it’s a great way to wake up Sleepy Boyfriends.


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I know, you’re getting sick of me. Lindsey and I have been in communications, and she will be acquiring steady computer and internet access after the first of July! Until then, you are stuck with me, the world’s most boring eater.

Okay, that’s not entirely true. I did a record-setting amount of cooking over the weekend, but alas, I don’t have TIME to blog about all that quite yet. So for now, you get yet another installment of The Salad I Ate For Lunch!

(Salad #1 and Salad #2, for those who like things chronological)


  • Lettuce (I don’t know what kind.. big, leafy and green!)
  • Baby carrots
  • Cucumber
  • Seriously Sharp Cheddar (one of my not-so-secret loves)
  • Mandarin oranges


  • Honey mustard (purchased so long ago I always forget it’s in my fridge)

This result was tasty, but not quite as mind-numbingly delicious as my other salads. Or at least as mind-numbing as any salad can really be, let’s be truthful. Oh, except for this one salad I had at The Cheesecake Factory one time… and this one salad at Applebee’s that I can’t eat anymore because it has shrimp AND bacon…

I had a slice of lasagna too, but I’ll tell you all about THAT once this mothersalksjdf;owi3423ring summer class is over

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It’s sad to move away from home because you have to leave behind your favorite foods. I moved to Michigan from New Jersey in 1999 and I still think about The Good Bagels and white pizza and the Amish market on a fairly regular basis. When I moved from Michigan to Boston, I left behind Daryl’s, Grill of India, the gas station where everybody knew my name (and my favorite flavor of Rockstar), and Zingerman’s and…. oh gosh, let’s just stop now.

Part of moving to a big city is the endless supply of new restaurants to try – you feel guilty going to the same place twice, because what if that OTHER Chinese take-out place is more amazing and you just being lazy and missed out!!

It’s intense, but I’m starting to find my favorite places in Boston, and I’ll share them with you here from time to time.

My first and immediate favorite: City Feed & Supply.

City Feed & Supply is located in scenic Jamaica Plain, otherwise know as my ‘hood. It’s pretty much a yuppie’s dream grocery – local produce, specialty food items, fancy cheeses, organic everything, raw milk – plus a coffee bar and a deli sandwich counter.

I rarely buy grocery items here because I am much too poor to spend 5 dollars on a dozen eggs, but the coffee is cheap enough to make my tightwad boyfriend tear up a little, and the sandwiches….


the sandwiches…

one sandwich in particular, actually:

#9 The Farmer’s Lunch

Extra (extra) sharp cheddar cheese,

grainy mustard,

creamy mayo,

sliced granny smith apple,

mysteriously delicious pickled green tomato,

red leaf lettuce

on the best baguette you’ve ever had.

It’s like 8 dollars, but I really can’t resist. Plus, they have this delicious fountain soda made with real sugar instead of HFCS and yeah, it’s better than every sandwich I’ve ever had put together.

So that’s my go-to sandwich here in Boston. I’m sure I’ll come up with some other local places to share with you, and since my partner-in-crime, Lindsey, has just moved to The District, I’m sure she’ll have some new favorites to share soon too!

We can’t be in the kitchen for EVERY meal, right?

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