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While Lindsey is MOVING ACROSS THE COUNTRY (holy moley, excitement!)

I am still here, in my office, eating lunch.

And I thought about my blogging companion, bravely changing food horizons, perhaps even expanding her counterspace to dimensions greater than 12 inches by 12 inches…

and all I have to offer you is YET ANOTHER salad

But my-oh-my it’s a good one. See, it was so good, I ate half of it before I thought to take a picture!

Not too different from Last Week’s Salad, but different enough to jog the tastebuds while still packing in all those veggie nutrients


  • baby spinach (+iron)
  • goat cheese (ftw)
  • mini heirloom tomatoes (my boyfriend buys them every week, what can I say?
  • edamame (+protein)
  • fresh green beans (boyfriend)
  • chopped strawberry (asfsderghahhasogood)


  • balsamic (The Flavor Bible told me it goes well with those s.berries)
  • olive oil
  • kosher salt
  • honey (big squeeze)
  • chopped green onion (leftover from weekend nachos)

Stuff in my kitchen, basically.

And I washed it down with a little Emergen-C, scrounged from the bottom of my totebag.

A beverage so classy, it basically requires eye-seduction before drinking.

So there you have it. My lunch. Lindsey, find yourself a kitchen so you can start posting real recipes and our readers can stop weeping and pulling their hair out from boredom.


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I have been lax in updating … my apologies. It’s been a weird few weeks, mostly because I’m moving from Small Town, Michigan, to Washington DC, our nation’s fair and hallowed capital.

I don’t have a place to live. I don’t know what my kitchen will look like. I do know, however, that at first, I’m going to be living with this guy:

This is Stephen, one of my best friends from college. He’s also a foodie and delight in the kitchen, making his own soups and cranking out some of the most delicious Greek food I’ve ever tasted.

Sometimes when we hang, we keep it simple with an easy stirfry. Sometimes, he goes all-out to cook for his visitors. Now I get to be his sous-chef while living in a new city and starting a big adventure.

Who knows what we’ll be cookin’ up? I can’t wait to find out.

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True Confession: I eat on the go.

That’s not particularly scintillating. Everyone does! If you work, you must replenish your calories during the course of the day, and you probably can’t go home and cook something up because you are at work.

My On-The-Go-Eating has the following complications:

1. I prefer to eat healthily.

2. I prefer not to spend 10 dollars every day buying lunch.

3. I have to fit all my food in my backpack.

4. I get hungry A LOT, and if I don’t pack enough calories, I violate terms 1 & 2 without hesitation. Especially when I have class in the afternoons.

5. If I’m at all stressed, I can’t be bothered to think about what food I will want to eat during the day, or to pack said food into my backpack.

6. I get bored of lunch foods pretty quickly.


Feeding yourself is so hard.

This week, I’m doing salads. Whatever is in my fridge, into a bowl.

Today we have:

  • baby spinach
  • edamame
  • goat cheese (i told you)
  • sliced dried apricots
  • mini heirloom tomatos

And since I get sick of salad dressing like *that* (See #6), I’m making my own.

You see, I checked out this cookbook from the library, and there was some line about how fun and easy it was to make salad dressing in a jar and how marvelous it was to a 24-year-old boy to make a delicious dressing in a jar and then it just lives in the jar…. oh, I don’t have the exact quote but it was something that made me fall further in love with Jamie Oliver. I just can’t remember the specifics.

Ahem. Anyway. So I’m making my own salad dressing, in a jar, every day, tossing in whatever looks okay to toss in a dressing. With severe limitations, because my spice collection leaves a LOT to be desired.

  • olive oil
  • red wine vinegar
  • kosher salt
  • pepper
  • garlic powder
  • honey

And then, we have this little concoction I like to call “Rolled Up PB&J”

Which is just what it looks/sounds like.

P. B. Whole wheat tortilla. Roll up. Roll up with foil.

Which isn’t the most appetizing thing – when I told my boyfriend about my new invention he said, “Um, why not just use bread?” I gave him a nice long scowl.

But it gets the calories done.

Which is what eating-on-the-go is all about, right?

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Your suspicions were correct: when cooking a lazy dinner for one, the secret ingredient is always goat cheese.

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Last weekend, I went on a trip to visit my friends in DC, a fun idea that got too expensive when I went “Ooooh, French bistro for lunch! And the latest Ted Leo album! And the new Hold Steady album a day early!” etc., etc., etc.

So since I had no cashflow until Friday-payday-weekend (as we call it in my house), I had no grocery money. What would I eat for breakfast, lunch and snacks?

I had to resort to the pantry, and I remembered my favorite latest addition to my recipe box: Grandma H’s cranberry salad. It’s totally refreshing, delicious and keeps for a week or so.

You’re going to need:

Two cans of whole cranberries

One medium can (not single-serving, not enormous) of crushed pineapple

One cup diced celery

One cup chopped walnuts

One large box of orange Jell-o

Drain pineapple and reserve 3/4 C juice

Mix the pineapple, celery, cranberries and walnuts in a bowl (see my previous post on my love of Pyrex)

Now, bring that 3/4 cup of pineapple juice to a boil, and mix in your Jell-o powder. Stir until dissolved, then pour over your crunchy-fruity mixture. Chill until firm. Enjoy immensely.

I’ve also made this recipe with Granny Smith apples instead of the celery, with delicious results. So simple, and yet, so good for a poor lady’s breakfast. More on my trip to DC in a later post, I’m sure.


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Dear Stillman’s Farm,

I can’t wait until June. I’m reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle again. I know, always a bad idea to read in the off-season.

But I’m starting to get seriously impatient.

Would you just look at what I have waiting for me, every Saturday, starting in June?


Strawberries, summer squash, zucchini, lettuce, greenhouse tomatoes.


Blueberries, summer squash, zucchini, lettuce, field tomatoes, corn, beans, cucumbers, carrots, beets, cabbage and possibly peaches


Everything from July

Plus eggplant, peppers, melons, broccoli, cauliflower, kohlrabi, apples


Everything from August
Red peppers, onions, potatoes, winter squash

Winter squash, apples, peppers, lettuce, carrots, beets, corn, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, potatoes, eggplant, watermelon, pumpkins, greens

Can you please hurry those fruits and vegetables on up?

I ate salt & pepper kettle chips for dinner yesterday.

And onion dip.

Only you can save my waistline, self esteem, health, and soul.


P.S. I’ve never had a farm-share before. Any tips/advice/warnings/recipes out there?

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Just a quick update as I run off for a long weekend with friends and loved ones in The Big City.

How do I know I am becoming my mother? Because last night I spent a good 45 minutes hollering to myself, “WHERE IS MY GOOD PYREX?”

Via akitchenstoreandmore.com.

The fun never stops Up North.


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